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He might have blond hair and a baby face with big blue eyes but this straight military hunks true grit. Staff Sergeant Andy has been in the Marines for six years and has seen some intense action overseas in that time. But the action today is much closer to home and, judging by the outline of a big, fat cock in his camos, just as demanding!!

Andy is keen to get his uniform off and show his trim muscular body; he is so horny that he's pumping on his dick even before his jacket comes off to reveal his strong arms and pumped chest - and, wow, check out this military hunks hot military tattoos. Andy's cock is so hard, it's aching to be released from it's camo prison and this thick swollen-headed shaft looks good in the straight boy's hand as he works it free.

Andy gets comfortable, kicking off his boots and pants exposing a perfectly round marine butt; bending over he gives you an intimate look at his hairy hole as he continues to stroke his cock, spitting on his free hand and inserting a finger into his straight-boy fuck-hole. With all this anal play, Andy is fit to burst - he pumps his meat harder and faster until a big creamy cum-load spurts from the military hunks cock blowing loads of creamy jizz over his taut six-pack. Check it out, here. There's only one thing hotter than seeing a straight military hunks hairy hole - that's his fingers disappearing deep inside!!

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I've had this military hunks dick in my mouth before but now Dallas is back and I've managed to convince this Navy Seabee to try fucking a guy's ass for the first time. This little straight stud loves to fuck, is constantly hard and ready for action, as is evident by the ass-ramming he gave me!

Boy, this military hunks so hot and horny in his Navy Blues, and even hotter out of them with his 8 inch semi-hard cock and huge balls. After getting some horny poses from him, I sat him down, hands behind his head and legs spread as I sunk to my knees.

I started off working on his balls, taking them in my mouth one at a time, licking and sucking, before getting them both in, driving Dallas crazy and stiffening his semi to a raging hard-on. I slid my lips around his mushroom head, then buried his dick down my throat all the way to his fat balls.

Dallas was really horned-up by now and, judging by the tight fit of the condom I put on him, I knew I was in for some serious ass damage from this horny straight stud. I rode his cock 'cowgirl-style' and as I slid up and down, Dallas was really amazed as he realized how tight a guy's ass could be. He took control and began to hammer his dick into me like a pussy, inflicting serious damage as he pounded me with his big fat cock, making me scream with pleasure! Damn, it hurt but was fucking good - literally!!

We moved to 'doggy-style' and Dallas really abused my ass, making me yelp as I enjoyed the pain! That really turned him on and he couldn't hold back any more. He whipped the condom off and I got this straight military hunks thick sticky load all over my back! Check it out, he's one horny fucker! Pleasure from pain, there's something about the way a straight boy fucks ass!