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Todays military hunks a special forces Marine and everything this straight stud does is top secret. What isn't so secret is the weapon of mass destruction he used to rip my asshole apart with some of the best butt fucking I´ve had in a long time!

Saeger arrived looking very official in his formal uniform and you can see that this military hunks into riding 'commando' as he strips down to reveal a meaty 8 inch cock. I got him comfortable on a bench and down to my knees to work on this hot Marine's fat man-meat. I began slowly licking his balls and cock and it stiffened immediately. Once it was rock-hard I began deep-throating his big dick, making him gasp with surprise at what was happening between his legs!

Standing him up in 'parade rest' position, I continued to work his dick even harder with my warm lips before pulling out a condom and wrapping up the missile ready to fire it into my ass. As I bent over, Saeger came at me from behind and slid his cock into my fuck-hole. Now, I've had a few good rides in my time but this military hunks big dick certainly stretched more than my imagination. Saeger rode my ass without mercy, ramming hard at my back door until he could do no more damage without cumming. Getting him laid back on the couch, I ripped the condom off and jacked his desperate cock until I got this military hunks huge cum load broadside across my face! Check out this hot Marines big weapon here. Maybe we should call this military hunks fat cock a 'weapon of ass destruction'!!

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Military hunks often have a lot of spare time to themselves in between exercises - stocky and muscular PO Clayton is showing Private Dusty a game involving a heavy sledgehammer, holding it with an outstretched arm for as long as possible. Dusty completely outdid Clayton at his own game and claimed the victor's prize - a blow-job.

Clayton drops to his knees and yanks Dusty's camos down to his boots, grabbing his thick dick as it springs to his face. Opening his mouth wide Clayton swallows the military hunks throbbing boner right down his throat, giving Clayton a blow-job like he'd never had before. Having demonstrated how a good blow-job should be, Clayton gets Dusty to his knees and feeds him his cock to check out if he's learned his lesson well. Dusty did such a good job that Clayton needed more than lips on his dick and moves behind him to slap his wet fattie against Dusty's hairy ass. With his dick rock-hard, Dusty shuddered and moaned as Clayton shoves it deep into his tight fuck-hole. Clayton jack-hammered his throbbing dick into Dusty's guts until his knees were about to give in, he lay back on the cot so Dusty could straddle him, slipping Clayton's cock back inside where it felt so good, gingerly sliding down to his thick pubes and massaging the military hunks needy cock with his sphincter.

Finally, Clayton gets Dusty lying on the cot; holding his legs high in the air, he wrecks Dusty's hole with his rampant cock until Dusty blows a big creamy load all over his trim abs and Clayton explodes a huge blast of warm sticky jizz into the military hunks open and willing mouth. See Dusty swallowing the muscular military hunks creamy cum, here. For that sort of prize I bet you could hold the sledgehammer longer than anyone else!