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These two military hunks, Infantry Specialist Marco and Sergeant Pat, are talking about why they signed up. Marco wanted a new experience and Pat says he likes a regimented lifestyle and actually gets off being ordered around. That was all Marco needed to hear to get him issuing commands!

Marco orders Sergeant Pat to drop down and give him 20, and then gets him to stand with his arms stretched out as Marco pushes back against the military hunks strength. Pat endures this until he's worn down, but not too exhausted to lean in and kiss Marco on the lips! As the two military hunks make out, Marco orders Pat onto the couch. He bends down, releases Pat's throbbing boner and starts giving his own military service! Pat lies back enjoying the amazing blow-job he's getting from the muscular latino hunk. Marco gives his next order, getting Pat to eat out his ass. Marco gets his muscled butt high up so Pat can bury his face deep in the hairy crack!

Shoving Pat on his back, Marco forces his hard uncut dick down the military hunks throat. Pat slobbers and gags as Marco face-fucks him; then Marco has a further order for Pat - to take Marco's big cock up his ass. Pat squeals with pain as Marco slides into the Marine's tight hole. Pat's eyes practically burst out of their sockets as Marco plunges his entire hard length deep into him. Marco fucks Pat on his back, on his knees, and riding his cock - the hard upward thrusts of the rock-hard meat plunging deep inside Pat taking him over the edge to a blasting climax of cum all over his tight abs. With Marco close to cumming Pat gets one final order - roll on his back, open wide and take the military hunks multiple streams of jizz in his mouth! Military service at the link! Marco knew the drill and Pat certainly got it!

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As new bunkmates, these military hunks need to find out a bit about each other. They talk deployment and work-out routines. Private Keegan teaches his new roomie how to do an upside-down push-up and Private Colt shows Keegan a balancing exercise. Arm wrestling takes up the intensity a notch, the military hunks breaking out into a sweat.

Colt encourages Keegan to take his shirt off, revealing a hot toned, tattooed, body. Colt removes his showing his own tatted definition. The attraction between the two military hunks grows as they take each other in. Breaking the silence, Colt asks Keegan if he wants to watch some porn. Their banter about the hot chicks suddenly morphs into admiration of the hung male's huge cock. Watching a chick suck on the thick meat, Keegan says he bets that feels good - and Colt let him know just how good by taking the military hunks big dick into his mouth. Colt sucks with a ferocity, making Keegan moan with pleasure. Overcome by the moment, Keegan slides off the bunk and takes his first ever cock between his salivating lips! Having sucked Colt to a throbbing hard-on, the two military hunks jump back on the bed for a all-you-can-eat cock-buffet sixty-niner!

Having sucked an slurped on each other, and with Keegan ready to cum, Colt gets on the floor to receive a well-deserved reward. Keegan cums with such a force he has to steady himself as he gives Colt a creamy warm facial. Keegan takes his position over Colt to blow his own load. Thick white streams fly through the air, splattering Colt's face, the sticky jizz bringing tears to the military hunks eyes! Quick with the tissues, here! Not for Colt - you'll needed them after seeing these privates sucking private's privates