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This military hunks hot body comes from all the physical exercise and training he gets in his daily duties as a firefighter. Firefighter Ryler is responsible for making sure all the equipment in the station is in perfect working order and he always double-checks the hoses both on the engine and the heavy hose hidden in his dress blues, which needs checking more than once a day!

Settling down to some hot porn, it's not long before his shirt comes off revealing the horny intricate tattoos on his pecs and the one on his abs just above the waistband of his black boxers which are beginning to stretch with his big cock growing inside! Ryler lays back, massaging his bulge and tweaking his nipples before jerking his pants and boxers off in one go, then stands up to reveal a throbbing swollen cock.

Ryler lubes his hand with some spit and starts to massage his thick meat. After working on his big cock, Ryler turns round and shows his perfectly globed muscular butt, spreading his cheeks apart to expose his tight pink pucker with it's subtle rim of sexy hair. Sinking to his knees, Ryler ups the pace of his strokes. With a yell of 'I'm about to cum', Ryler pumps his hips into his tight fist and as he leans back, the military hunks chunky jizz explodes all over his athletic six-pack! Check out the firefighter's hose, click the link! It's a good job this military hunks here to put out that fire before it got out of control!

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The nice thing about living near to a forces base is the sight of all those military hunks working and playing in the area. Acevedo has been based here since moving from a small town in Washington and loves it because of all the Californian chicks on offer - however, he's yet to find one who's willing to give him a good blow-job. I told him that if he was willing to cross the line and let a guy suck his cock, he'd get the best blow-job on offer!

This straight military hunks shy and was pretty nervous about it all, but a money offer did make a difference. I got Acevedo to take of his cammos and get naked on the bench - that seemed to break the ice but he didnĀ“t know what he was supposed to do from there on. I got to my knees and started to warm this young straight boy up. I licked and sucked his balls, getting them both in my mouth which drove him crazy and you can see the look of amazement on the military hunks face as his balls disappeared into my mouth!

Getting Acevedo standing up in 'parade rest', I was at a better angle to do some serious cock-sucking and began to pound his dick with my mouth. Once he started bucking his hips, I knew he was getting into it and told him to fuck my face - he needed no second prompting and he rammed my throat so hard and deep that I had to stop him before he poked his dick through the back of my head!! I continued my attack on his cock as I rested him back down on the bench and as he began to moan, I knew he was getting close to blowing - with a moan of 'that feels so damn goooood' I was covered in the load of warm creamy cum that blasted almost 2 feet from this straight military hunks 7 inch cock! See just how soaked I was here! Acevedo said it was definitely the best blow-job he's had - but bless, he's only had two so far in his young life!!