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Keith is back, baseball cap and all this tall lankly Seabee contacted me because he was in need of some money and horny as a mother fucker. Keith has really come a long way since the first day I met this Navy boy a year or so back. From the nervous straight guy who wouldn't let anyone near him to a Navy Seaman who wants to get his dick sucked and fuck some ass... providing there's some incentive involved. A bigger cock on a Sailor you won't find anywhere and this military hunks mammoth dick fucked me every which way from Sunday and left me walking funny for a week!!!!

I sat Keith down on the edge of the bed and with his baseball cap still on I took off his clothes for him. When his pants came off, I uncovered a beautiful new tat that he had on his stomach. Something in latin I think in beautiful script on a ripped washboard stomach. It was hot! I began sucking this military hunks dick and I could tell that he immediately remembered what a good cocksucker I was, because it took no time for this kid to get that 9 inch monster at full attention for me. Not only was his dick big but also his huge nut sack that hung low between his legs. It was a great overall package.

As the video progressed, I kept thinking to myself that today I was going to have this stud fuck my ass and this time I was going to try and handle it all the way through. So I bent over doggy style in front of him and, while he watched the pussy porn on the monitor, he began to drive that hard, thick, long cock slowly up my ass because that's the only way I would be able to handle it.... slow! Keith slid about 2 inches of that monster dick up my ass and I made him slowly pump my ass with just that. As soon as my ass began to get accustomed to it, I asked him to drive more of that dick inside and that he did. Soon he had one hand on his balls for leverage and began sliding his whole dick in and out of my ass. When I gave him the green light to treat my ass like a pussy, well that was all it took before he started drilling my ass to kingdom come.

I couldn't believe I had 9 inches up that ass of mine and the way he was fucking I was surprised I lasted as long as I did BUT alas.. I had to stop and suck this boy to completion because I guess I'm just not equipped to handle 9 inches up my ass just yet. Either way I made Keith blow a load that didn't disappoint as was evident by the look on his face. See this military hunks deep fucking session here. This is a good video guys and it won't make you as sore as it made me! Check it out!