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Kyle is back yet again...and as you all know this little hard ass Marine is EXCLUSIVE to Military Classified and you won't find him anywhere else. Kyle liked to come over and hang out a lot back in those days and this occasion was no different. He always just called me and said "hey what's up?" and I'd say not much what's up with you? and he would say, "not much man, wanted to come over and hang out?" and this is the result!

We went into my bedroom when I was living up in LA and with a bottle of Captain Morgan and Tequila, Kyle got pretty looped and in no time had his clothes off horny as a fresh virgin recruit in a Thailand whore house! In no time I had Kyle with his clothes off and ready to get his cock sucked watching some pretty decent pussy porn on my computer monitor. I had him stand up and get sucked, I had him sit down and get sucked, I had him ram his dick down my throat with the back of his hand and I licked and sucked this military hunks balls while he played with himself. I mean it was just sex to the hilt with no stops. He was horny, I was horny, today it was just about getting off.

Kyle would roam thru different scenes on the porno and would then just sit back on the chair and spread his legs and get his beautiful 8 inch dick serviced to completion. He was completely zoned into the porn as I began to make strides in my cocksucking progress. I now began using my hands and mouth together and I could see that Kyle was now beginning to get worked up. On my knees like a sex slave I just continued to work his cock over and over again without holding back one bit. I sped up the process bobbing up and down on this military hunks dick faster and faster which made Kyle do his usually head tilting back and holding his breath as I knew he was getting close.

Kyle would take deep breaths every once in a while and would tense up as I stroked his cock and licked and sucked it, I could tell that his body was starting to tense up also. He grabbed the seat of the chair with his hands and with one last breath he pushed his cock forward on my hand as I made him release one of the biggest nuts this jarhead has released! Then.. a sigh of relief as I squeezed every last drop off that beautiful cock of his! See more of this military hunks sex sessions here. Damn I love this kid - as I'm sure you will too!