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Mason was very nervous to begin with. The camera man wanted him to do some posing in his camouflage gear, but he was hesitant unless there was a way to conceal the name. Assured that that would happen, he puts on the uniform and fuck did he look great in it. There's nothing hotter than a straight Marine in uniform! It didn't take Mason long to work his big cock to it's full 7", and once the boxers came off he relaxed and really began enjoying giving a show. He did a lot of poses to camera, showing of his developed muscley body then started stroking his big cock, getting himself good and horny. By now this straight military hunks really hot and although initially shocked, warmed to the idea of the camera man giving him a blow job once he saw how much more he was going to get paid! He relaxed back into a chair and spread his legs wide, His big fat cock jutting skyward with his heavy balls hanging low. The camera man put his mouth to the military hunks cock and slid it all the way in down his throat. Mason gasped at the sensation of his fat knob end rubbing at the back of this guy's throat. He squirmed with ecstasy as the camera man spat a load of slobber into his hand and then worked it up and down his rock-hard cock, following it once again with his mouth. This was the first time a man had ever touched his dick never mind sucked it, and the situation and sensation was too much for him, he shot a massive load all over the camera man's face, groaning with pleasure as the guy licked and sucked the creamy cum from his still rock-hard cock. Get the full version of this straight muscle hunks first experience with a guy wanking his cock and giving him a blow job until he shoots a shuddering load all over the guy's face and in his mouth, here. Once these Marines get horny, it's amazing what they'll do when the cock takes over!