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I'm sure you all recognize both Dylan and Everett from performances they both have given in the past but I've decided to pair up the two because I know that Dylan is a little more experienced while on the other hand Everett is definitely not. The combination of these two proved to be real interesting as I signed them both up for dual blowjobs. I must say that all the heterosexual testosterone that was in the air that day made for an awesome blowjob scene that I'm sure you will all enjoy.

Dylan has not only done work for me, but I'm sure you've all seen him at a few other websites as he's become quite popular. Everett on the other hand is exclusive to Military Classified and doesn't really want to make himself known very much. When they met each other they were the typical two straight guys meeting each other, cordial and nice but mostly quiet. Since Everett has never done anything in the same room as another guy, he was so nervous he was chain smoking before, throughout, and after the shoot.

I got both these military hunks down to their birthday suits and had them sit down next to each other on the bench in my bedroom as the pussy porn played on the TV. I asked them to start stroking their cocks and in no time they had themselves up and ready to go. I noticed Dylan glanced over at Everett very inconspicuously but the cameras caught everything. The curious element between straight guys always fascinates me. I then began my sucking and basically took turns on each one of them as they both began enjoying some good old fashioned cocksucking. I have an MO (modeum operendus???) that I usually have when I start sucking cock. It starts off very slow and sensuous which gets them going almost every time. Next I start my tongue and mouth licking of their cocks that makes them get hard as they watch the pussy porn. Its the progression from light and sensual to hard and fast that really separates good head from great head.

I next stood them up and wanted to show off their fucking skills because I always like to see how these guys would fuck if given the opportunity. I am always impressed because that's all that straight guys have definitely mastered with women and that's how to fuck them good and hard. So my mouth became the pussy and once I directed them to treat it as such, they each started doing what they do best. Dylan was probably the horniest ,so he's the one that went first and just couldn't hold on because of the relentless pounding my mouth gave his cock. Once I had him on the edge, I moved over to Everett and began the same pace of cocksucking, getting him closer and closer to the edge. Now Everett is a quiet one because he definitely doesn't want to let on that it's feeling good, but the natural phenomenon of a male orgasm is completely natural and unforced, Everett couldn't hide the emotion and I watched Dylan look over as he nutted while stroking his once again hard cock.

So being the complete cocksucker that I am, I moved over to Dylan once again and began sucking this military hunks cock for the second time and to my surprise he was rock hard and ready for nut number 2. Now Everett, on the other hand, was quite satisfied and began to smoke a cigarette as he watched the pussy porn on the tv. oye vey.. men. See these military hunks nutting for yourself. Dylan gave me nut number 2 which was a bonus to this scene and made it a perfect 10 in my books!